Vision and Mission


To be a centre of excellence that facilitate a sustainable start-up ecosystem to start a business venture into viable business propositions.


  • To identify, explore and develop regional competitiveness
  • To enhance linkages between University and Industry To create entrepreneurial opportunities for students, researchers and faculty
  • To nurture and empower the next generation entrepreneurs to address the local problems
  • To build an ecosystem to incubate and support innovative ideas to enact wealth and employment action through successful start-ups
  • To nurture technology and knowledge based ventures through their start-up phase by providing the necessary support

Core Values

  • The Centre will create and maintain a strong network with other Incubation Centers, Innovation Parks, Central /State Government bodies, National/ International Research Laboratories and apex industrial bodies to keep its ongoing at par with ISO standard.
  • The Centre will act incessantly, right from post graduate level teaching of technical and management science, for the inculcation of the art of transforming ideas into products.
  • The Centre will thrive for a positive impact on the economic scenario of its stakeholders by maximizing the success of emerging companies. 
  • The Centre itself will act for a sustainable, efficient business operation.