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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

University Campus, Near Soneri Mahal, Jaisingpura,
Aurangabad -431004
Ph. +91-0240-2403399, 2400431
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Important Phone Numbers

Administrative Officers
Authority Name of Authority Email ID Phone
Deputy Registrar (Establishment) Dr. G. R. Manza dyregistrar.estt(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403395,106
Deputy Registrar (PG Section) Dr. Vishnu Karhale pgsection(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403122
Deputy Registrar (Academic, Syllabus Unit) Mr. I. R. Manza acadsection(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403115,119
Deputy Registrar (Special Cell) Mr. V. R. More specialcell(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403116
Deputy Registrar (Ph.D. Section) Mr. D. B. Bharad phdsection(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403122
Deputy Registrar (Planning & Statistics) Mr. S. S. Kawde planningstat(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403121
Deputy Registrar (Accounts-Cash Unit) Mr. S. S. Kawde cashunit(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403152,155
Deputy Registrar (Examination) Dr. P. P. Kalawant dyregistrar.exam(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403165,166
Deputy Registrar (Subcampus, Osmanabad) Dr. D. M. Netke 02472-251800
Executive Engineer Mr. R.D. Kale execengineer(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403141
System Analyst Mr. Arvind Bhalerao systemanalyst(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403210
USIC Dr. Pravin Yannawar (i/c) usic(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403108
Public Relations Officer pro(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403150
Accounts Officer Shri. P.S.Jadhav accountsofficer(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403124
Asst. Registrar PG Section Ms. H.G. Thakare pgsection(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403122,123
Asst. Registrar Special Cell Mr. Krishna Dabhade specialcell(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403117
Asst. Registrar Audit Mr. B.B. Dhage accountssection(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403125
Medical Officer Dr. Anand Somvanshi   2403382
Garden I/c Mr. Kishor Nirmal 2403247
Director Human Resource Developement Center Dr. Mustajeeb Khan (O)2403229
Director Extramural Studies Dr. Kailas Pathrikar   2403136
Director, Lifelong Learning & Continuing Education Dr. Sanjay Moon head.lifelonglearn(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403206,204
Project Officer Adult Education Dr. Anand Wagh head.lifelonglearn(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403208
Director, University Network and Information centre Dr. Pravin Yannawar unic(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403318,210
Co-ordinator, NSS Dr. Anand Deshmukh nss(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403135
Director Mahatma Phule Pratistan Director Mahatma Phule Pratistan   2403342
Director Women's Study Centre Director Women's Study Centre   2403331
Director Mahatma Gandhi Addhyasan Kendra Director Mahatma Gandhi Addhyasan Kendra   2403374
Director Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj Addhyasan Kendra Director Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj Addhyasan Kendra   2403360
Director Babasaheb Ambedkar Addhyasan Kendra Director Babasaheb Ambedkar Addhyasan Kendra   2403357
Director Gautam buddha Addhyasan Kendra Director Gautam buddha Addhyasan Kendra   2403351
Director Annabahu Sathe Addhyasan Kendra Director Annabahu Sathe Addhyasan Kendra   2403348
Director Mahrashri Balasaheb Pawar Addhyasan Kendra Director Mahrashri Balasaheb Pawar Addhyasan Kendra   2403375
Director Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Adhyasan Kendra Director Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Adhyasan Kendra    
Authority List
Vice-Chancellor Professor Pramod Yeole vc(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403112
Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Shyam Shirsath provc(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403223
Registrar Dr. Jaishree Suryawanshi registrar(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403334 FAX 0240-2403335
Director, Examinations & Evaluations Dr. Ganesh Manza coe(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403178
Incharge Finance & Accounts Officer Shri P.S. Jadhav (Deshmukh) fao(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403299
Director, Knowledge Resource Center (Library) Dr. Dharmraj .K.Veer librarian(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403190
Director Subcampus, Osmanabad Dr. D.K.Gaikwad subcampus(DOT)office(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 07588190283,07588190282,
Director Students Development Dr. Sanjay Sambhalkar dsw(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403132
Department List
Name of Department Email ID Phone
Bio-chemistry head.biochemistry(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403302
Botany head.botany(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403305
Chemical Technology head.chemtech(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403308, 2403306
Chemistry head.chemistry(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403312, 2403313
Commerce head.commerce(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403376
Computer Science head.csit(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403316
Dramatics head.dramatics(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403320
Economics head.economics(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403329
Education 2403370
English head.english(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403340
Environmental Science head.envsci(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403323
Fine Arts head.finearts(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403325
Foreign head.foreignlanguage(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403327
Hindi head.hindi(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403343
History And Ancient Indian Culture head.history(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403346
Journalism head.journalism(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403362
Law 2403365
Library Science head.libcience(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403368
Management Science head.mgmtscience(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403375
Marathi head.marathi(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403349
Mathematics head.maths(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403379
Music 91 9850697664
Pali and Buddism head.pali(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403381
Physical Education head.physicaledu(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403383
Physics head.physics(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403385, 2403386
Political Science head.politicalsci(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403352
Public Admin. head.publicadmin(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403355
Sanskrit head.sanskrit(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403388
Sociology head.sociology(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403359
Statistics head.statistics(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403390
Tourism Administration head.tourismadmin(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403373
Urdu head.urdu(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403391
Zoology head.zoology(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in 2403394, 2403395
Enquiry List
PBX Number 2403400, 2400431
General Examination 2403199
Convocation Unit 2403173
Professional Unit 2403170
Commerce Unit 2403171
Engineering Unit 2403174
M.Sc. Unit 2403180
B.Sc. Unit 2403181
M.A. Unit 2403168
B.A. Unit 2403172
P.G./Ph.D. Unit 2403122
P.G.Scholership Section 2403123
Publication Unit 2403131
Hostels Enquiry List
Boys Hostel No. 1 2403211, 2401997
Boys Hostel No. 2 2403212, 2401994
Boys Hostel No. 3 2401996
Boys Hostel No. 4 2401992
Ladies Hostel No. 1 2403213, 2401993
Ladies Hostel No. 2 2401991
Priyadarshani Ladies Hostel 2403214, 2401995
Postal Address
University Postal Address Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,
University Campus, Aurangabad-431004
FAX (0240)-2403113
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