Prepress Laboratory:

  • Pentium 4 Computers connected in LAN networking-13
  • Scanners-2
  • Printers-3
  • Unlimited usage internet facility to students
  • Prepresssoftware-
  • CorelDraw,
  • QuarkXpress,
  • InDesign,
  • Illustrator
  • Shreelipi

Screen Printing Laboratory:

  • Screen Printing on paper
  • t-shirt printing
  • mug printing, etc.

Ink and Paper Testing instruments:

Sr. No.

Name of the Instrument



Electronic GSM Tester

Direct Display of GSM on Scale.

2 sample size measurement – 1020 and 2020 cms.

Solid metal base with aluminium body.

Factory calibration  pendulum assembly.

Levelling bolt for zero adjustment of the pendulum.

Two cutting templates supplied with the equipment

Direct Display of GSM on LED Screen

5 Sample size Measurement

5×5,10×10,10×20,20×20,and 25×25 cms

Breeze shield for accurate and air free weighing

About Calibration in 6 Simple steps

Two modes of measurement (GSM and Weighing).
Overload protection (Preset).

Two cutter templates supplied with the equipment.

Accurate Die Cutter and Round Cutter

Conforming to Standards: TAPPI T410om, ASTM D3776/2646-96, ISO 3801

To measure weightage of  Paper

Most paper is bught and sold in accordance with its mass per unit area, and therefore the gram mage has great significance both to the consumer and the producer in defining price. The values of many physical properties such as Bursting Strength, Thickness, and Bulk are interpreted and specified with regard to gram mage.


Puncture Resistance Tester

Five different scale to analyse material of variable thickness

Easy lever press clamp mechanism exerts sufficient pressure to disallow any slippage of the test specimen

Zero adjustment screw for scale calibration

Protection guard to protect operator at the time of the test.

Useful for testing wide range of testing materials- from thin paper to thick boards and other similar materials.

Augmented weights to allow 1300 units of energy when the pendulum is in horizontal position.


TAPPI T-803 om-88,

IS 4006 (part II) 1972, IS 2771 (part II) 1973

ASTM D-781 -68,

DIN 53142, SCAN P23,

SIGNIFICANCE :(Why This test ?)

The puncture test (also known as the beach test or G.E. puncture test) measures the resistance of board in either single sheets (that is components)

or in combined form to puncture.  Such puncture may result from contact with solid objects such as a corner of a box, or the like. The test evaluates in a composite fashion some fabrication factors and material values, although it is not possible to isolate the two specifically.


The unit measured by the instrument is the energy required to puncture the container board in the designated manner (One unit equals 0.265 in. Lb (0.305 cm. kg)). These units are actually made up of several components, the principal ones being the energy required to tear the material and the energy required to bond it out of the way of the point.


Rub Proofness Tester

New State –of-the-art design.

Robust and Stainless Steel construction.

Compact size and sound less operation

Imported analog click counter.

Almost Nil or Low maintenance.

Direct blower to remove any loose dust or print material.

Indication of completed Number of rubs on digital LED Display.

Programmable number of rubs, ensures that the machine stops after reaching the fixed rubs.

Time bound testing also possible.



Cobb Sizing Tester

Universal model to test paper, Board and Water Proof board.

Three graduations of height 10, 25 and 100 mm as specified in TAPPI T 441 for Paper, Corrugated Board and Waterproof Board respectively.

Adjustable clamp pressure mechanism for necessary required clamping pressure to prevent water leakage during testing.

Stainless steel Roller and Aluminium Block for rust proofness and longer life.

SIGNIFICANCE :Water absorptiveness of paper board or other materials is a function of various characteristics such sizing, porosity, etc. The Cobb sizing test can be used to test absorption or resistance to absorption of water, oil and other liquids


Electronic Moisture Tester

Habdy, quick pocket sized moisture meter for speedy ksingleor  series measurement.

Completely automatic instrument setting.

No separate electrodes or leads required.

Also suitable to measure wood and normal gypsum & mixed plaster.



Elmendorf Tear Tester

Three models to choose from:

Electronic, Electronic & Heavy Duty.

Digital balancing of pendulums.

Configurable display shows test information and software menus.

User-friendly, one-touch software.

RS-232 data output.

Quick capacity change with augmenting weights.

One-touch pneumatic clamping and pendulum release available.

Standard Impact Head:

Radius : 0.5 inches (12.7 mm)

Diameter : 0.75 inches (19.0 mm)

O-Ring Clamp : Inside Diameter : 89 mm

Sample Size :

5×5 in (127×127 mm) square 5.25 in (133.35 mm) diameter circle

Air Clamp Assembly : Min 60 PSI

Pendulum Capacities :

200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, or 6400 gram


Integrated Hardness Tester

USB communication of impact test direction

Memory of 270 average of impact test direction

Upper and lower limit setting

Automatically switch off

Backlight for convenient use in darkness

Battery capacity display

AAA1.5 V battery

Integrated calibration function

TH 170 : integrated with D impact device for normal hardness testing Technical Specification






Digital Microscope

Handheld and portable

Can capture moving images

Long working distance models are also available if the object is large

Instant photos : With Micro-touch can click photos very easily, store and email.

Magnification : From 5x to 40x to 200x, 20x to 90x, 400x to 470x, 500x.

Software can be freely downloaded form the internet

Very affordable pricing

Polarization feature : to reduce and glare

Measurement facility is available

Resolution available up to 5MP

High field of view : if high field of view is desired we having models to cater to this need.

Interface is possible with computers and TV as well

A variety of stands are available to couple with the microscope and meet and application Widely used in engineering industry:

A] Checking for corrosion

B] Car tyre at 200x

C] Steel wire cloth, etc



Multi light Colour Matching Cabinet

Cabinet is made of Teakwood, play Board & Sun mica, with strict adherence to international standards.

Supplied with major tube lights & bulbs for quick and accurate colour assessment.

Fitted with Electronic/ballasts for Instant start & power saving to safeguard the expensive & sensitive tube lights & bulbs.

No warm-up; No flick; No heat emission; Elapsed Time displaying of each light source.

Energy saving; Efficient illumination.

Compact; High quality with low price.

Button Switches.



Paper Thickness Gauge Digital

Clean the measuring tips of dial Gauge with a soft and clean cloth.

Clean the Specimen surface and assure that there is no dust particles in the measuring fac.

Lift and release the lever slowly and read the reading after a few seconds.

Do not oil any moving part of the instruments.




Dart Impact Tester

The lower or stationary half of the clamp shall be rigidly mounted sot that the plan of the specimen is horizontal and at an angle of 900with respect to the upright dart – supporting member of the apparatus.

The upper or movable portion of the clamp shall be designed to maintain positive & planer contact with the lower portion of the clamp when in position. This portion of the clamp shall be provided with suitable means for maintaining sufficient contact with the lower clamp to hold the film specimen firmly in place during the test.

Casketing materials prepared from rubber or similar material shall be affixed to the specimen contact surfaces of both clamps. This provides a cushion which minimizes slippage.



Bond / Seal Strength Tester

Maximum load : 10kg

Least Count : 1gm

Gripping Height adjustable upto : 9”

Speed of Gripping Roller : 60mm +1mm

Speed of Additional Gripping Roller : 300mm + 1mm

Speed of Motor : 2rpm.

Load cell maximum calibration upto : 10kg. + 2kg.

Inbuilt Spike suppression provided.

The machine is supplied with calibration certificate traceable to national standards.

Guarantee certificate for twelve months.

Operation/instruction Manuals along with complete Technical specification is provided.

Operating Temperature : 0 to 45deg. C.

Operating power : 220/230V AC.

Dimension : 570mm Length X 280mm Width X 570mm Height.

Weight : 10kg. Approximately.

Digital Bond/Peel Adhesion Tester is used to test the Strength of adhesion by breaking away between the two layers bonded closely at  a constant rate.

Digital Bond Peel / Adhesion Tester is used to measure the peeling/adhesion strength of materials bonded closely each other. The strength is measured in kgf. And the peak value of the is remain in large led display. The equipment is having a ruboust force measuring system with inbuilt Calibration facility provided.

Applications :

This Equipment is suitable for testing very thin materials like plastic films, foils, adhesive and insulation tapes, packing materials, papers, fabrics etc.


Digital Display Shore Hardness

The Digital Shore – A – Hardness Tester is used to check the hardness of soft Vulcanised Rubber, soft plastics and similar Elastomers.

The instrument is having a separate probe which consist a load cell duly calibration with a compression spring as per latest ASTM D 2240 & DIN 53505 Standards.