The design adopted for the coat of arms bears the following emblems:

  1. An Ajanta Arch with a base in which the above - mentioned motto is inscribed. The arch is a symbol of the glory of the art of painting and sculpture which reached their acme in the Ajanta Caves, a glory that has survived, undimmed and unrivalled, through centuries, and thousand of admiring visitors to this day from the most distant part of the world.
  2. A Pothi or book lying open on a book-rest, symbolizing learning,
  3. A shealf of Jowar, representing agriculture, the chief occupation and means of livelihood of the majority of the people of Marathwada which primarily an agricultural tract,
  4. Two elephants, representing the strength of purpose of the people of Marathwada,
  5. A wheel standing for progress, industrial progresses in particular.

The coat of arms may be regarded as fair representation of the aims and ideals of the university, which has been established among, people mainly devoted of the vocation of agriculture, with a rich cultural back ground and a firm determination to pursue knowledge and learning and at the same time to achieve economic and industrial progress. The motto affirms the inviolability of knowledge; a quality that abides is knowledge itself.