Purchase Committee
(Maharashtra Universities ACT,1994,Section 75(3)

There shall be purchase committee for dealing with all matters pertaining to all purchases of the university, in respect of such items where individuals cost of each item exceeds rupees one lakh at a time.

No. Designation
1 The Vice-Chancellor – Chairman
2 Three Head of university, institutions or departments, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
3 Two members nominated by the Management Council, from amongst its members
4 The Registrar
5 The Finance & Accounts Officer

  1. The Finance & Accounts Officer shall ordinarily act as the Secretary of the purchase committee. During the period when there is no Finance & Accounts Officer or during his absence, the Registrar shall act as the Secretary of the committee.
  2. The purchase committee shall invite the heads of the university, institutions or departments for which the purchase is to be made;
  3. All members of the committee, other than ex-officio members, shall hold office for a period of two years;
  4. The powers and duties of the committee and the procedure for its meetings shall be such as may be prescribed.