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Professor Prashant S.Amrutkar 


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e-mail :registrar(AT)bamu(DOT)ac(DOT)in



  1. The Registrar shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of a selection committee constituted for the purpose. Provided that, if the post has remained, vacant for a period of six months from the date the post has fallen vacant the State Government shall appoint, on deputation, a suitable person possessing the qualifications prescribed by the University Grants Commission to perform the duties of the Registrar for a period of not more than one year at a time and not more than three years in the aggregate or till the new Registrar is duly appointed by the Vice-Chancellor whichever is earlier.

  2. The Registrar shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the university. He shall be a full-time salaried officer and shall work directly under the superintendence, direction and control of the Vice-Chancellor.

  3. Appointment of the Registrar shall be for a term of five years and he shall be eligible for re-appointment only one more term of five years. The qualifications and experience for the purpose of selection of the Registrar shall be as laid down by the University Grants Commission and approved by the State Government.

  4. When the Registrar is, by reason of illness or absence or any other cause, unable to perform the duties of his office for a period not exceeding six months, the Vice-Chancellor shall appoint a suitable person to officiate as the Registrar until the Registrar resumes duty.

  5. The Registrar shall act as Secretary of the Senate, Management Council, Academic Council and such other authorities, bodies and committees as prescribed by or under this Act.

  6. The Registrar shall be the appointing and the disciplinary authority of the employees of the University other than the teachers, non-vacation academic staff and officers of the rank of Assistant Registrar and other officers holding posts equivalent thereto or above. An appeal by a person aggrieved by the decision of the Registrar 26 Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 [1994: Mah. XXXV] may be preferred within thirty days from the date of communication of such decision, to the Vice-Chancellor.

  7. Subject to the decision of the authorities of the university, the Registrar shall have the power to enter into agreements, sign documents and authenticate records on behalf of the university.

  8. The Registrar shall be the custodian of the records, the common seal and such other property of the University as the Management Council may, commit to his charge.

  9. The Registrar shall conduct elections as per the programme approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

  10. The Registrar shall prepare and update the Handbook of the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations approved by the authorities, bodies or committees from time to time, and make them available to all the respective members of the authorities and officers of the university.

  11. The Registrar shall receive complaints and suggestions in regard to the improvement of administration and consider them for appropriate action.

  12. The Registrar shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as prescribed by or under the Act or assigned to him, from time to time, by the Vice- Chancellor.