Research Activity

The research activity carried out in the department flourishes as and when a particular group puts the effort of pursuing the front line research in that particular field. Many a times the constraints like perennial funding, equipments, library facilities, unavailability of the technical personnel put limits. But it is creditable to the department that, in spite of all these odds and along with teaching work a quality frontline work is always preferred by the faculty members by seeking the collaboration, correspondence, advice, discussion etc. from the international and national scientists, and also taking he view ad needs of the students into consideration. Help from premier Institutes in India like C-MET, BARC, TIFR, IUAC, UGC, DAE, CSR, DST, DRDO, BRNS, CSIR, SAMEER, MATSCIENCE etc and from international Institutes like Hanyang University (Seoul, Korea), National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan), National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan), is and will be taken from time to time. The department will be accepting Ph.D. students starting from the academic year 2010. We look forward for creative research activities and healthy discussion among the research students. Thrust areas of research are:

  1. Thin Films for various technological applications
    • Sensors (gas and biosensors)
    • Solar cells (Solid state, DSSC, Organic and hybrid solar cells.
    • Protective barriers.
    • Transistors etc.
  2. Green Nanotechnology.

  3. Bio nanotechnology.

  4. Nanotechnology in Defence applications.

  5. Nan composites and their technological applications.

  6. Nanotechnology for Analytical Chemistry.

  7. Environmental applications of nanotechnology.

  8. Nanotechnology in Biomaterials and Biomedical applications.

  9. Carbon nanotubes and their technological applications.