Objectives of R &D Cell


  1. To create awareness and opportunities in Research, Innovation and Development among the faculty and students.
  2. To promote Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary research.
  3. To identify the thrust area of research of each university department, and form related cluster groups/frontline, teams/consortia of research.
  4. To generate of innovative ideas and solutions to the academic and societal problems.
  5. Modernizing the existing laboratories with additional experimental set ups/instruments and technology for utilizing the lab for research activity.
  6. Identification of appropriate high priority thrust areas of research opportunities announced by different academic, research, and industry or government organizations for researchers of each department on campus.
  7. To act as liaison between researchers & relevant research funding agencies, extend guidance in preparation & submission of project proposals and post-sanctioning of the grants to oversee adherence to timeline.
  8. To identify potential collaborators from industry, research organizations, academic institutions & other stakeholder for co-operation's and synergic partnerships and dissemination of research outcomes.
  9. To establish better co-ordination among university-industry inter linkage, Incubation, innovation and entrepreneurship development and Intellectual Property Right (IPR).
  10. To develop Institutional Research Information System
  11. To support university research by integrating multiple function units under a single–window operational system for effective administration.
  12. To monitor and oversee research progress, manage and optimize research resource and conduct timely review to help complete project as per schedule.
  13. To encourage Core Competence and Consultancy work.
  14. To develop, prescribe and administer rules, regulations, policies to ensure the compliance of all research quality assurance framework and the research code.
  15. To Engage superannuated /active experts/scientist/community talents.
  16. To create awareness about filing Patents & IPR.