Facilities Available


Presently department is housed in spacious building of Social Sciences, where there are two teaching halls for M.A. I and II, cabins for all the faculties members, office and cabins for archaeological assistance. Department has its own museum where there are two halls with three galleries documentation centre, library and office of the museum.

  1. Departmental Seminar Room is under work and proposal is submitted to develop departmental seminar room and smart classes for academic exercises
  2. Department is working on reprinting the exclusive books published by department earlier
  3. Department is in process of submitting report of excavation coordination carried in Rakhigarhi-Haryana in 2013-2014
  4. Department will organise excavations of archaeological sites in Marathwada in line of previous excavations done by Department in Bhokhardan, Ter and Daulatabad.
  5. Department received the grants the Cultural Ministry to enhancement of the resources of Museum under the project Strengthening of the Regional Museums. Under this project Department has undertaken the documentation project where cataloguing of coins (More than 3000) was completed with the help of numismatic society, Anjenaeri, Nasik.
  6. Department has undertaken one line catalogue of Modi Documents; 6000 documents are catalogued and catalogue of Gold coins soon
  7. Department is renovated one Museum hall of rare historical paintings
  8. Department is published portfolio and annotated book of our precious collection Baramasa
  9. Department is equipped with computers LCD projectors, Xerox Machine, Printers to facilitate the teaching and learning in the Department.
  10. Department has its Departmental Library which is housed in History Museum with a collection of 2000 rare books and journals and 2500 History books with recent publications.

Departmental Library Housed in History Museum

Department has its own museum where there are two halls with three galleries documentation centre, library and office of the museum.

  • History Museum possesses rich collections of rare books and documents. More than 3050 books 1000 manuscripts and 20000 documents of Maratha Period is in the Library. It has a unique collection of books on art and aesthetics.
  • The section of rare book collection has been catalogued and computerized and is in process of being restored.
  • The scanner and digitization of documents has availed scholars an easy access to the material.
  • The oldest gazetteer belongs to 1884. This collection is most liked by the researches in the field of art and social history.
  • The archival section of museum has collection of around 1000 religious manuscripts few of them are illustrated.
  • The section of Modi papers of Maratha period (1700 to 1850) contains a part of MenavliDaftar of Nana Phadnavis, the finance officer of Peshavas.
  • The library is one of the treasures of the museum.

Computer and Research Lab (Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Digital Archives)

In theDepartmental Library Housed in History Museum there is a big collection of digital form in Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Digital Archives,to access to the students for research work, i.e. Old Historic Journals, News Papers, Rare books, world thinkers, etc.