History Museum

History Museum

The Department of History & Ancient Indian Culture, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad possesses its own History Museum. It has unique valuable collection ranging from Paleolithic to Early Historic and from Early Medieval to Mughal and Colonial periods. The museum was initiated in 1973 by Dr. R.S. Gupte, the then professor and head of Department of History and Ancient Indian Culture. The collaborative effort of the department's faculty and staff was materialized in the museum building in 1983. The rich collection of Museum was enriched by the donations of Dr. S. B. Deshmukh the ex-curator of the museum. Later additions from Sir Rao Bahadur Parasnis fabulous collection and Sardar Bavane's collections of the paintings boosted the artistic and the antiquarian value of the Museum possession.

  1. Stone & Bronze Sculptures-from 8th century to 16th century A.D.
  2. Coins-from Punch mark to British period
  3. Miniatures Paintings(1700 to1900 A.D.)-Mughal, Rajasthan, Deccan and Company School of miniature art.
  4. Lithographs
  5. Documents-around 17000 Modi Documents of Maratha period
  6. Archaeological Material-Excavated material (2nd century B.C. to 3rd century A.D.)from the site of Bhokardan and Cultural Material from the site of Dulatabad and Ter.
  7. Weapons- Different types of Weapons from Mughal- Maratha period.


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